Sham Shui Po is a district of simple pleasures. A nostalgic neighbourhood which culture has been preserved, this area offers a lot of local and cheerful experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. Instead of glitzy, glass-panelled skyscrapers, here you’ll find buildings that hide a rich history behind their humble façades. Instead of fancy gourmet restaurants, live like a local and try the Michelin-recommended noodles and snacks that only cost HK$50.  And if you’re planning to do a bit of shopping, be prepared to spend several hours here, sifting through all the eclectic wares at the open-air street markets.  There are also other concept stores and coffee shops that are bringing a new energy and attitude to this bustling district.  Also a new wave of artists, designers and entrepreneurs who are setting up shop in the area.  Along the way, you’ll discover all the simple pleasures that give Sham Shui Po its distinct charm.

For more information about Sham Shui Po, please visit the Hong Kong Tourism Board website